RailCommander Software (Version 0.1)

RailCommander Software (Version 0.2)

RailCommander Software (Version 0.2.1)

RailCommander Manual

Omnibus Protocol

Computer Interface Device Manual

RailCom™ Reader Manual

Cutout Device Manual

Omnibus Utility Program

Computer Interface Device Driver (omnibus.inf)

RailCom™ Reader Firmware (Version 1.1)

RailCom™ Reader Firmware (Version 1.2)

RailCom™ Reader Firmware (Version 1.3)

Computer Interface Device Firmware (Version 1.1)

Computer Interface Device Firmware (Version 1.3)

Version 1.3 resolves a long-standing issue with the Computer Interface Device's serial port emulation under the Windows operating system. Anyone wishing to use the Computer Interface Device under Windows using the native protocol (i.e. not Railroad & Co. Compatibility Mode) should upgrade. This applies in particular to users of JMRI and RailCommander. If anyone continues to encounter difficulty using the Computer Interface Device under Windows with the Version 1.3 firmware loaded, please let us know.

Railroad & Co. Compatibility Mode Firmware (Version 1.4)

Railroad & Co. Compatibility Mode Firmware (Version 1.5)

Version 1.5 implements the same fix as Version 1.3 of the Computer Interface Device firmware. This is primarily of interest to users wishing to use our hardware with iTrains under Windows.